The Beach Bag Caper!!!! (or mystery of the kindnappers)

I really, really loved Nancy Drew as a child and read every one of her books at least once and was proud of my collection. So solving mysteries has always been something that wows me and makes me feel like I am once again with Nancy and her friends on the cape trying to solve the mystery of the bungalow.

Such a mystery presented itself last night.  I WENT TO CLEAN OUT MY CAR….. I KNOW YOU ARE THINKING WHAT??? WHY? WHAT IS GOING ON?  IS SOMETHING BIG HAPPENING ON THE PLANET?  Well my friends, who were in on the caper thought that a packed beach bag in my car would be safe from any findings especially being found by me.


I decided to clean out my car or rather begin for a Friday special trip when I found a packed beach bag, complete with hats, suits, fave shirts, books, shoes.  I immediately called Blaire and asked if she had put the bag there and she proclaimed quite innocently that she had no idea how it got there. I was so amazed by how in the world it got there, I sent her pictures of the contents. WE were both scratching our heads. The only answer that Blaire had was that I had started sleep walking and had packed it in my sleep.


I unpacked the bag, put all the things away and went to sleep with a big question about the Beach Bag caper!!!

Let’s fast forward. Jennifer Bowman had arranged with Lacey to pack a bag for me today so that she and Scott could sneak me away to Shell Island. When I got to the listing that I was told I was helping her with… it was NO LISTING. There was Jen smiling and Scott at the helm of the boat ready to whisk me away to Shell Island. I am not sure how many times I screamed and I am sure that I did not quit smiling from the time we got on the boat and as I write this I am still smiling!!!!!

Jennifer was quite surprised when she looked at her well thought out hiding place in my messy car!!!  Needless to say we had to come up with an alternate plan and suit to carry on our surprise adventure.

“Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person.” Plato

Sunshine, kindness, beach spray, frolicking dogs on the island, big hugs, picnic lunch, more hugs, wind in my face!!!!!  I am so thankful that someone loved me enough to plan such a caper!!! To plan such a peaceful adventure. Falling backwards in my chair…. due to bottom heavy issues (topic for another day). Running out of gas and getting 2 more bonus hours on that beautiful body of water.  All these things made for the most perfect day.  Thanks Jason Crow for coming to our rescue…. we were suffering so!!! LOL


As we were enjoying our day, I kept thinking….. I  get to live here!!! Think about that, let it sink in, WE  get to live here…. and more than that I get to live here with such kind and loving and precious people.

I ADORE YOU JENNIFER AND SCOTT FOR WHISKING ME AWAY!!!!  You were my kind-nappers today….. no it is not spelled wrong. You took me and you kind-napped me to give me a sweet and glorious day!!!  This is one caper that I shall never forget.

ps. Dianne thanks for taking the time to meet us to bring me a bathings suit. Lots of sweet people sprung into action to love on me today.




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