Toothless in Maine… Or that Girl who talks funny is toothless!!!


One of my fears is losing teeth and I think it would be especially not good to lose a tooth while on a plane to go on vacation and  you have a very southern accent, to boot. (If you don’t know what to boot is at the end of a sentence then you were not raised in the south)  Well as we were about to land in Baltimore I felt a hard object in my mouth and it was my tooth, one of my more out in front teeth!!! One of the ones that when you smile there is NO hiding it teeth!!!  I was so so so aggravated!!!!  I mean really aggravated and going through my mind was…. oh darn I will have to stay in the hotel, not be seen, wear my sun glasses so I am disguised…. not sure why I thought that would help.

As I was getting aggravated about it and quite embarrassed about it, I caught myself and I said, get a grip Karen, it is just a darn tooth. It is not your legs, your arms, it is not a big deal, No big deal. It is merely a situation, not a catastrophe, not a crisis, not anything at all. So I decided to embrace it and share the pictures, share the story, let people laugh at me and with me.

We tried unsuccessfully to use super glue and glue it back in.  Erwin and I trying to play dentist in the airport bathroom was not successful as we have zero experience as a dentist.  My kind dentist tried to walk me through the process but all I got was lots of delicious super glue in my mouth and a tooth stuck to my hand.

toothless2I ran into a friend at the airport and she said, Oh you can not even tell and then I smiled and she lost it!! At least she got some laughter before she boarded the plane for home. Now I am looking at everyone’s teeth and thinking oh how I would love those. Teeth envy!!!

So in the spirt of gratitude and the knowledge that I have the rest of my teeth and my arms and legs I decided to share some of my toothless adventure in Maine. I figured if I can smile in spite of, then maybe just maybe there is a lesson in here for me and for you.

Don’t let the little things become big things, don’t let the situations of your life cloud out all the beauty and the joy, don’t ever keep something silly like a tooth emergency take away from all the happy that is out there.

toothless3So hopefully I will find a dentist to help me but in the meantime I will count my blessings and my teeth and share my happy heart with you. I love all of you so much that support me and encourage me to write.

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