Still Toothless in Maine!!!

toothless againOh my my!!! I went to.a really precious  dentist office today. The dentist was so kind and her staff set off the pace before I met her.  They were such a sweet group of people with big ole hearts. Well, I guess God just wanted me to meet them because my tooth lasted about 5 hours. If I had known I would have taken all kinds of pictures with all my teeth in tact, but oh no….. I just enjoyed my day and my hours with teeth.  I am sure people noticed how much cuter I was… yeah RIGHT!!!

So we were  at dinner and out came the tooth and while I was so tempted to be aggravated I remember that there are things in the world to get upset about but a missing tooth is not one of those. I don’t have to mention a list of things to be upset about but I will tell you some things to be thankful for.

  1. I am alive.
  2. I am healthy
  3. I am on a trip, for Pitty sake!!!
  4. I have eaten the best lobster and best clam chowder EVER!!!
  5. I have laughed, I have cried and I have been so thankful.
  6. I have a sweet family! ( A little whacky but sweet all the same)
  7. I had the best husband on the planet and the memory of that keeps me in gratitude.
  8. I have the ability to go to the dentist when I get home and I love my dentist.
  9. Because of my toothless situation, I have been able to make people smile, with all of their teeth when I share the story.
  10. I get to write all of you and tell you how awesome life is with our without one of your teeth.

Every time we are faced with a situation that we would rather not face it shows us how resilient we are. It also forces us to dig into our hearts and bring forth all that we are grateful for. I know that I don’t want to spend one minute of my life on this planet complaining about things that are not worth fussing over.

So if you do not mind, you will get more pictures of my toothless adventure through out Maine. I am not sure why this happened but it did and I am just going to keep on enjoying the lobster and the chowder and let people laugh at my accent and my less than perfect smile, on this perfect adventure.

ps. I am going to bed before the sun goes down!!!!!

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