Slightly South of Simple… A Peachtree Bluff Novel, Book 1


Erica and I met this adorable and most preciously sweet and friendly author unexpectedly in a darling bookstore in Houston. Hey was that enough happy adjectives to describe her?  So first of all I am way behind in my book reviews because I have been busy reading, but I must stop and tell you how awesome this series is. I first became interested in this series because this precious author Kristy Woodson Harvey met us and was so sweet to us and even signed her third book in this series for us.  And if that was not enough she encouraged me to write my book and told me she wanted me to sign mine for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YES I LOVE HER.


This is the first of 3 books in a series about a family in the midst of all the things that happen in a family especially when they pile up at their mamas house and bring all their love and excitement and big girl problems with them.  It is about love, betrayal, secrets, adventure, happy beach days, loss and pretty much all the things you have in a real life family!!!

I fell in love with the characters and their quirky personalities and ebb and tide of their relationships and their learning to communicate with each other admist some pretty heavy secrets. You will also fall in love with the sweet little beach town which makes this a perfect Summer read with enough mystery to keep you hooked.  And NO I will not tell you any more BUT I promise you will not be disappointed.  Get this one now and download the others right away because it is so cool that there are 3 books worth of these girls and their mama and grandmama and all their love interest.

Only thing I will tell you is that they love their coffee about as much as I do and this sweeter than sweet talented author is gifted in decorating and just plain amazing at being gracious!!!


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  1. Ah! I love this so much!! Thank you so much for being so awesome! ❤️❤️ Meeting you was amazing and I hope to come back to Houston soon 😊

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