The Good Ole Days are Now!!!…. Beachy Love note June 2019

Dear Precious ones!!!!

“I wish there was a way to know that you were in the good ole days before you left them”  ~ Andy from The Office

As I was sitting around the office today laughing and enjoying every moment with the precious agents and team members, I was mentioning that I was not sure what to write about but was sure it would come to me.  I said to Angie, you know I have discovered that if you are not able to find a way to be happy with what you have now, then you will most likely not be happy with more later. I have just noticed that some people can find the problem in every solution.

And on the way home Lacey called me quite jubilant  and says I know what you need to write about and here we are. Truthfully the above  quote from that totally goofy, obnoxious at times character…. Is QUITE THOUGHT PROVOKING.

So let me catch you up…… Lacey and I are a little obsessed with The Office.  Ie… we had a Beachy Beach beach day just like The Office but ours was better!!!  Okay back to my story,  So Lacey sent me /Andy’s comment, “ I wish there was a way to know that you were in the good ole days before you left them.”  OH BUT THERE IS A WAY!!!! YOU ARE HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!  I have a plaque that hangs on my wall and I look at it each day, It reads, “Today is the best day of my life.” I have come to believe that to  be true, as it is the only day that I have.

today is the best day

Have you noticed that circumstances and heartache and trials never seem to be the barometer that determines if someone is enjoying a peaceful and happy life.   (Disclaimer, this is not about people who are truly depressed and need help, they need to do whatever is needed to get professional help)  I have met and I know you have too,  people, who in spite of having a job, a mate, health, healthy children, a home, a car, friends, food to eat, vacations to enjoy… yet, they still find something to be miserable about. They are waiting for a better life,  a life that somehow will make them happier than they are right now. A place that will make them happy. Perhaps it is a different car, a better job, a better group of friends. The list could be endless and it is ENDLESS AND EMPTY  if you can not find a way to be happy right here, right now.

Then you know those who have had extreme heartache, lost children, addicted children, lost jobs, lost homes, heath struggles.   But you speak to them and they tell you about the sweet people who have come to their aid, they tell you about all the sunsets they have enjoyed, they tell you about the flowers in their garden, they tell you how kind and sweet the neighbors are. They point out all the kind people that cross their path, they tell you about the days when their heart is full because they have had a few days of good health. They recall all the blessings that they are walking in right now and they are not waiting for life to get better.  They have that secret and it is that we are about as happy as we decide to be. It is an inside job. It is not a someday thing, it is a now thing.

I have lived through many trials and I have enjoyed many joys. I have also been able to see the best of humans through the worst of times. My faith in God and the joy in that and my faith in the goodness of others allows me to find something beautiful in most any situation. I hope you hear my heart and believe me that you too can be happy right where you are. You can find something to praise about and smile about just as easily as you can find something to complain about. It is a choice. We live in a beautiful place with beautiful people and we have so many joyful choices in front of us. We are in the good ole days!! Let’s  be grateful and enjoy them.

Loving you so much today!!!!

Karen Key Smith

ps. I discovered that you can be toothless in Maine and still be abundantly happy!!!!


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