Dear Hugh, The light of the moon

Oh honey!!!! It is the last full moon from about this time last year that you took off in fine fashion. I think it kind of funny that someone as humble as you would leave in such glory!!! I guess God likes to bring us into this earth in glory and take us out in glory.

I am living a life that I think you would be proud of. No holds bared, feeling my pain, making it work to build a strong life. I am making the pain be my place of growth and a deep down commitment to God as I understand him.  ONE OF THE TRUTHS THAT YOU SPOKE AND I HAVE SHARED IT AND WILL SAY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN SO I FEEL IT AND OTHERS FEEL IT TOO:  You said, “Whatever brings us to God is worth it and He makes all my crooked places straight”

I am watching Sheldon be healed before my eyes. The redemption story is one that you have seen played out and lived out and it would make you so happy. You know how you felt like recovery should be for fun and for free….. well this place is doing it. They are NOT for profit and they are loving and saving lives left and right.  It is not the place but the spirit of the place and quite frankly their ability to cut through the BS!!!!  I knew you would love that.

Each time I visit I tell the fellows stories about you but they nod their heads as to say, I have heard that from Sheldon.  He shares you with others and is sowing the seeds you planted. I wish you could see, but oh how you do see.

I am believing the gift of this last full moon of this life changing year is a catalyst for change for others in our family that need this healing.  A healing that you and I know only comes from above and oh what a beautiful full moon life that is.

I miss you but I am content that I am doing what God would have me to do with the people he has blessed me to love and to be with. You are my fave moon man and no one can take your place. I have so many to love and to share with and take all that pent up love I have for you and share it with the world. There is too much of it to contain, but you know that and that is why you really loved me!! You really did and I am still blown away at the lasting magnitude and the power of that kind of love.  It is magical and it sustains me and I pray that each and every child of God can feel that love as well.

My gift of you was of shorter duration than I would have wished but the lasting treasure of it will never be gone and for that I lift my hands and heart to heaven and say, Glory, Glory and Amen and Amen and all is well with my soul.

Goodnight Moon man and thank you for making my world and the world of others such a bright place to be.  Shine on, Shine on and live in the light that you left for us.

It is well, It is well with my soul,


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