Powerful Thoughts for a Powerful life -Throw back Affirmation!!!

Dear Sweet Precious ones!!!

speakingI was given the sweetest of gifts the other day.  As you read from my last love note I was baring my soul about my seeds of doubt. I was letting you know that I was having to dig deep and listen to my own self talk and make it what I know it should be.  I made myself vulnerable but I trust that God has my back and my mission to serve and to love has not changed.

As if a message from heaven, a sweet precious girl wrote me at just the right time and told me that my talk on May 31, 2016 had made an impact on her life.  She had lost these affirmations in the storm and she had an extra copy.  How in the world did she know that I needed to hear from her? How in the world did she  know that I needed to read my own affirmations!!!!

Please always tell all those precious people who have helped you along the way.  I continue to be amazed by humans, they really are the greatest of creations and I keep running into the best ones!!!

Below is the affirmation that I read that day!!!  I think I have attached the picture that my sweet friend Erica took of me while I was reading them.


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