Why I work and why I have to tell you so?

This topic comes up quite a bit, I am afraid for us women.  I have had a job since I was about 13 years old. I worked at a dance Studio, I worked at a book store and I baby sat and did most anything to be productive and work. I did not know there was any other way. Thankfully I had two working parents and NEVER once did I think my mom loved me less because she worked.


In fact when It came to love I had plenty of it. I had the most loving people as part of her village to love me when she was doing her job. She was a great mom, a really great mom and cooked and did all the mom things. She was my constant Cheerleader. She showed up at every dance recital, every performance, every church event. She was there but I knew that she too had a mission outside of the home.

Why might you ask am I not talking about my dads work? Well that was never in question and his long hours were just part of what he was expected to do. I am so grateful that I grew up with a long line of working and productive and independent women.

My mother would not have known that she would have gotten divorced and that her bold independence and spunk would have been more practical and functional than ever before.  My grandmother also learned at an early age to be a woman of substance so I guess I just never questioned that for me.

I too was faced with an unexpected divorce after 16 years of marriage and I knew how to work and to live and to take care of my family. I was faced with that again with the death of my most precious loving keeper husband of 15 years after a sweet 5 year dating adventure.  Although his death left my heart empty it did not leave my life empty because I have long followed a path set before me by strong and independent women.

I will be teaching all the women that are coming behind me to be women of substance. Love your family and love your work. Love what you are ;put here to do. Teach your girls especially bold independence and a quest to do what God has put them here to do. If that is to stay at home and raise their family for a season then do that, but if it is to be a business leader then boldly do that.

I am now a working sort of  mom again at age 60. I don’t really have a choice but if I did I would do what I am doing and hope that in doing so I am teaching girls and women and all humans to do what we are put here to do. Be God assured and not self assured, but whatever you do, please do without apology and do it to the best of your love and ability.

ps. The picture in no way fits the post, I just like it and it makes me happy!!!  It was taken in the course of a day working and loving all the people that I work with. My job is to bring joy to my Compnay,  to provide inspiration where I can and funds where needed to help others.

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