Lacey Quits or They paved Paradise and Put up a Parking lot!!!

No no no

Don’t it always seem to go, That you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.,

They’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot. ~  Big Yellow Taxi

I promise I am not making this up and it was funnier if you had been there….. but the last  time we moved from our 1,000 square foot office to our West end office I had a mishap with my assistant. He ran from the office hands in the air,” I can not take it any more.”  DAY OF MOVE!!!!!  Apparently I am a bit much to work for, I am sweet yes, but I have a barrel full of energy and slightly scatterbrained, okay really scatterbrained!!! So you really have to either be half crazy or just really sweet and have lots of energy to follow me around and I will change the game on you in a heart beat because I am weird and love change!!! I know super weird but back to my story.

A few weeks ago we got the not so fun news that the landlord needed our office for the parking!! That made me think of the song, “They paved Paradise and Put up a Parking lot.”  Well I can not get that dang song out of my head, but basically  that is what has happened to my Beachy Beach office, they need it for parking so we have to go.  So that it is more fun and more challenging my precious town office is moving back to our original home before the storm. YES we are moving at the same time. I suspect Scott is much more together than me in the regard.  Thankfully they don’t have 10 years of pile up of junk!!!  And as stated they are not quite as cray cray as me.

So today Lacey is in the middle of being chair for the duck race and is not really in the mood to move!!! She called a few places such as McDonalds and Chick ALAY ( as Piper calls it) to see if she could get a different job, she loves those chicken minis.  So to be her so cute and smart aleck self she sent me a note: See below:

Lacey quits

Stay tuned to see if I can convince her with a better nap schedule to stay on board. In the meantime send us some good juju as we move from our back beach location to the Industrial Park.  We are so thankful that we were able to find a place that would work for us. We are super excited to have some nice new neighbors, though we loved the ones we had as well.

We have been so grateful and spent so many zany and uplifting and encouraging moments in this place but rest assured we can find our happy anywhere!!!!



2 thoughts on “Lacey Quits or They paved Paradise and Put up a Parking lot!!!

  1. Karen! I LOVE your posts. You are funny and so real. A breath of fresh air. You have a way with your words that makes me see things a little lighter. A little skewed to my life.
    I wish you all the best sweet girl,
    Love- Michelle

    1. Michelle!!! How in the dang world did I miss this post!!! It just sends me over the moon with happiness when people respond to my blogs. It is so in me to share and it is scary at times but I really feel led to do so. Sometimes that fear bug wants to stop me but I kick it to the curb!!!! I am able to do that because people are so sweet. Thanks for loving me online!!!!!

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