Keep Telling the Story… Be Faithful and True… Let others See Jesus in You!

“If you want to discover your God-ordained passions, then you need to identify what makes you sad, mad, or glad.  And somewhere in the sadness, madness, or gladness you will find the Wild Goose waiting for you.”  Mark Batterson
I have so many tales to tell about his past week but my heart is too congested with all of it and It has to be processed but one tidbit that I will share left me with such emotion.
As I was preparing to do GLS in Prison, I kept singing a childhood  song in my head because I did not know what prayer to pray as I went behind those bars all day. This was a new avenue of ministry in prison for me.  It was not may normal place where I feel at home with all the inmates and the guards and all the nuances.  It was a new place, new inmates, new guards, new wardens, new chaplain. They could not have. been more inviting and welcoming and grateful.
All I kept saying to myself was this…. “Let others see Jesus in you, Keep telling your story, be faithful and truFranklin correctionale, let others see Jesus in you.”  I said, God I have NO  idea what I am supposed to do, use me, show me, help me.
As I was leaving a wide eyed  inmate came up to me and said, Mrs. Karen I want you to know something, and he said to me, ” I see Jesus in you!!!, thanks for being here with us, It meant so much.”  He also said you have shared so much of yourself with us, may I pray for you?
This is a little snippet of the blessings that I received behind those barbed Wires and concrete blocks. And I have not even mentioned all the gifts given by the amazing speakers at the event. Talk about double and triple decker blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Batterson, calls it being on a Wild Goose chase!!! A dangerous life, living on the edge, being unafraid. Chasing the the spirit into places and with people you never thought you would be with.  The pursuit of what the Holy Spirit has for you is rarely comfortable but oh how rewarding is that discomfort if you lean into it!!!
Lord, let me lean in, all in, all in!!!!

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