Hope Nugget Help WANTED!!!

I am finally getting off dead center and making my book a real thing and not a wish I could thing!!!!   We had a great writing and hoping KINDFUL (JOCEY’S MADE UP WORD) day, a  day full of possibility!!  At the end of each chapter will be a few highlights or hope nuggets as I am calling them. What I need from you, ,my sweet precious ones is help in deciding which ones should make the cut!!! Lacey and I went through the love notes from 2018 and these were our picks.

So pick your absolutely favorite one and maybe tell us why on my blog or my Happy ass life facebook page and we will use the top 5 in the book!!!!

Here you go!!!!  Love and hope away!!!



Hope Nuggets:

  • It is not always the best prepared, the most equipped that meets with success.  It is more often the most willing to go past our comfort zone and find a deeper WHY than just ourselves.
  • Know that WHATEVER happens in your life, you are equipped to not only deal with it but learn and grow from it.
  • Worry robs us of today and now and all the things that are right in this world. 
  • Crowd worry and anxiety out with gratitude and goodness.
  • What you think of me is none of my business. 
  • I have a happy heart not because someone has been kind to me but rather that I have been kind.  It is impossible to have a gracious and thankful heart and feel badly at the same time. 
  • If it is important to you, you will make time for it.  If it’s not, you will make excuses. 
  • Remember that God has a plan for your life, and everything will work out for good. 
  • Instead of fighting my way through life, I just love my way through it. 
  • The beautiful thing about love is that you cannot give it all away; it always bounces back. 
  • John 13:34, “Love one another.”  If we can get that right, I think we can get it all right. 
  • “Nothing – absolutely nothing – in God’s world happens by mistake.” -Hugh F. Smith
  • Never, ever let anyone’s doubt in you or your vision stop you.  Press forward, set your sights on what God put you here to do.
  • “None of us can give away more than we can be blessed by than giving.” – Pastor Wayne 
  • With all of us loving and helping each other, there is absolutely no way that we will not build a stronger tomorrow. 
  • When life gets tough, learn to say “Hallelujah anyway!”  And you will soon feel that way – Happyass 
  • It is the valley moments that will propel you. 
  • Everything that happened to me – especially the challenges – has put me exactly where God can use me. 

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