Dear Hugh, You are like a great book I don’t want to finish

Hey honey!!! I will write you another letter telling you my highlights of this year. But I had to share this with you. Jody said our love story continues and I love you even more now and she is right. This got me thinking, you know how when you read a great book and you are sad when it ends and you don’t want to leave the characters.

Well, you and I did that quite often and especially reciting…” Let’s do the skedaddle” after reading the Glass Castle. We just could not leave those characters. That is how I feel about you going, you are like that favorite book that you do not want to put down and you are so sad that it is done. You want to keep it alive by saying the funny things they said and did. I do that with you, I want to keep your story alive because it was such a good story.

Your story continues to impact men and families. Why I just heard from one today and she told me how different and how much better her family is because of your teaching and your loving example. I think more than the words you said, the life you lead and the way you treated me your wife with such honor, such love, and such respect were the reasons that lives were changed.

Yes I want the book of your life to continue just like those classics that are read by many generations I want everyone to hear and know what a legacy you left for all of us that got to be with you and be loved by you.

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