Savor, quite a devotion to fill your soul

Sometimes Love asks you to change. Life is full of opportunities to love someone well by loving their thing, not just your thing, by stretching across your preferences and opinions and comforts. ~ Shauna Neiquest

If you know me and I think if you are one of my sweet happy assers you know how crazy I am about anything that Shauna puts to paper. She is one of my faves for so many reasons. She is raw, real, she is a devoted free-thinking Christian women who clearly loves all God’s kids regardless of color, sexual choice, and even religion. Her love knows no bounds and you clearly see her love of Christ and his teaching.

She begins each day with an appropriate bible verse then she shares personal antidotes and lessons from friends and family. It is so simple but so complex with a deep sense of what we can have when we rest in his presence. Just rest and know that He cares for you and for me and the world we are living in. It is a perfect way to have a GREAT day.

Her devotion Savor is the most delightful devotion book I think I have ever picked up. I still have my go-to in Jesus Calling and it will always be the mainstay in my Christian devotional arsenal. But when I read Savor, I know why she names it thus, for I do savor it and just take it in and it resonated and goes with me throughout my day. It is the perfect spiritual food for my day.

She calls into question things we hold on to and ask us to let go of them and reach for more of what God has for us; He wants us to have a life that is so precious and so worth living. He is interested in all of it, every single piece of it. There is no river too wide or no chasm too deep, that our heavenly Father is not there for us.

if you are looking for a new devotion book to add to your morning meditation please go get this gift for you and it will be a gift to you and to those that get to see the glow in you and I hope you savor it as much as I have.

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