The Husk, Oh my Southern Perfection!!!!!

If it Ain’t Southern it ain’t happening!!!

There is no way that I can visit Nashville and not tell you about the amazing food that you will find there. I thought that Maine and Austin were great but goodness gracious to Betsy!!!! Nashveeeeeele, as Hugh Smith always said that I pronounced it has got fine dining with a unique twist down to an art form.

When I went to the Husk tonight, as was suggested by a nice family at my afternoon coffee jaunt, I thought it could not keep pace with the others I had already tried. ( Oh my that is a run on sentence for sho!!!!)

For one the place is elegantly beautiful and I suspect I did not fit in with the dress code, but my jacket was adorable so maybe I got points for that. Because I am traveling alone I usually sit at the bar to eat and read my kindle and I am entertained by all the other humans. I will say no one was really dressed too fancy and if you need to know I think they have their dress code posted.

Two things that I ordered because I just had to was Pimento cheese, pancetta and pickled serano with Benne wafers. I was skeptical because I am a tight critic when it comes to Pimento cheese. My grandmother was my standard for this southern fare, and sorry Mom (my grandmas name) it was the BEST!!!!! And of course I had to order skillet Hearth Corn bread in an iron skillet Y’ALL!!! With butter it was better than desert. YES those that are wondering, I am still sugar free since the 7th for our 21 day fast at church.

Just in case you go there this is what I chose for entree and be warned I was not able to finish any of it. This would have been a good time to have someone to share the meal with, it was too much for me. Bear creek Farm Beef, Farmer Daves cabbage, Carolina rice and boy Choy. Thanks a lot, Farmer Dave and friends for ruining it for regular rice!!!

This is how the folks at Husk summed up their philosophy: “At Husk there are some rules about what can go on the plate. It is doesn’t come from the South it’s not coming through the door.”

Their only Rule if it is not southern it does not go on the table!!!

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