You are my light!!! Morning affirmations.

You are my light!!

Note about this affirmation. I was thinking back on just how long I have been doing affirmations and I remember that my first experience with them was because I was living and walking through a very dark time as a young girl. Living in an alcoholic, unsure, environment with what I now believe was a form of physical illness induced by emotional trauma. I used it as a coping mechanism and was also affirmed by a few forward-thinking doctors at the time. So as we grow together I will share more of the why and the reason it is so vital to my emotional and mental health and can be yours too!!!

Lord, you are the light in the darkness.

Lord keep me in the middle of the light,

Keep me far from the edge lest I fall,

Keep me far from night vision lest the darkness becomes too familiar.

As I move and as I live I proclaim my truth – your truth.

You are the light in the darkest night,

You are the breath in my lungs,

You are the movement in my steps,

You are the beat of my heart,

You are the light unto my path and the melody of my soul. And so it is.

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