Going deep and wide with my heart!!

Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide!!!!

  I can read all kinds of books about love and charity but what am I doing now? 

Am I daily making this world a  sweeter place for all God’s kids?

Am I daily making a list of all that I am grateful for? And all the precious people I am grateful for.

I know my life is meant for something more than what my eyes can see, and what my mind can conceive.

It is deep in my soul and spirit 

And the only way to go there is to go deep and wide, just life my Father’s love for me and for you.

I am learning more and more to learn more with my heart than my mind,

God keeps showing me so many things and people to be thankful for.

A prayerful believing heart is at the soul of a peaceful heart. And so it is.

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