The gift of this Christmas Morning.

God I have learned to be joyous in all situations and in all places and all times.

But I thank you deploy for this morning where I watched my son, your son, playing with his kids.

I am so thankful for all the morning that led to this day!!!

God we have trusted you and you have delivered,

This gift of a Father restored is what the gift  of God’s son is all about.

I thank you— I am humbled and the celebration is quiet, hopeful and one of resilience,

I tried to remember how long it has been but all the time was necessary to get us to this place. 

My prayer today is one of hope and healing for the other families who are still waiting for this morning, 

God keep your children saef, keep their hearts hungry enough to find their satisfaction in your gift of peace wrapped in your forgiveness and love. And so it is.

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