How do I feel. ( Affirmation and podcast)

How do I feel 

Note:  This blog is the written format of my thoughts and feelings shared in our podcast

How do I feel 

Note:  This blog is the written format of my thoughts and feelings shared in our podcast How do I feel.

Yesterday I didn’t go anywhere. I went nowhere. I did Shipted for my groceries. I stayed at home all day. I sat on my patio and probably read and wrote affirmations for three hours, and it was glorious. The day ended with a family dinner with big pans of lasagna.

Today  I wanna talk about “How do I Feel?” How do we feel? When you wake up and you look in the mirror, you ask yourself, “How do I look? But, a better question to ask yourself is how do I feel? How do I feel? What am I doing to nourish myself, my soul, my mind, my body? What are the things I’m doing to make me feel more like a whole person inside?

I love to look cute. I’ll just be very honest with you. That’s important to me. However, the most important thing beyond cuteness is How am I feeling?

Frank Wells was one of the most loving and kind ministers I’ve ever met. He never criticized. He never judged. He never ostracized a certain group. I promise you, he would never have been political in the pulpit.  He kept the main thing, the main thing, and that was being a Jesus follower.

His wife was just as precious. So my point in that message is: In our lives right now…this very moment and every day forward, we can have an impact, a lasting impact on others. If we focus on the most important things, and that is who we are on the inside, who we’re becoming on the inside, not on the outside!!!.

 The outside will show it. Have you ever seen people who’re well rested and they’re happy? You say, “Oh my gosh,  you look amazing! You look 10 years younger. Well, that’s what happens when we live from the inside out. 

Here is today’s affirmation:

How do I feel

How do I look? How do I feel? When I want to ask the question in the mirror? How do I look? I shall first ask the question: How do I feel? Is my appearance reflective of who I am inside? Personal transformation begins with a strong inner life. I am what I am and what I am is wonderful. I love myself into wholeness and into peace.

When I go into myself with gratitude and acceptance, I become just the  person I was created to be no more, no less created in the image of my wonderful creator designed to do great in big things, as well as small and quiet things. I embrace all the seasons, the aging and the growing, and all in his perfect design.

And so it is.

Whatever happened last week, whatever happened yesterday, today is a day that you can start right now. To make a difference on who you are on the inside, not on the outside. The outside will show it, but make yourself a person who doesn’t have a chip on your shoulder. A person who Is not constantly looking for verification from other people. A person who is trying to get, even in the world’s kind of way… not my kind of way. “THE ONLY PEOPLE WE HAVE TO GET EVEN WITH ARE THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED US.”  Let’s be a person who loves God and loves people so deeply that it’ll shine in our face. It’ll shine in our COUNTENANCE  and our appearance.

 Recently I saw a Facebook meme I thought was so funny. It said, “Really had my heart set on waking up rich today.” you know what? We did! We did wake up rich today. If we’re living in a home and we have a friend or two, if we have something to eat, we’re really rich. If we have an abundance of  richness, let’s please share.

Pray for the Wells family,  they just lost their hero. They’re amazing mama. Oh my gosh, the stories that Frank and Ms. Joanne are probably telling each other right now! They lived such a life, such a beautiful inward life, and they gave it to others.

And so they’ll never die. Just like my sweet Hugh, they will never, ever die.

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