Creative Visualization ( Affirmation and written podcast)

Authors note: These musings are the meanderings and the thoughts recorded from my live cast and podcast put in written format just for you. So if they seem to have a conversational tone, it is because that is what they are!!! 

I read something in an old book by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I love “ Simple Abundance”  and every now and then I grab that book out and I read it.  It’s really old school too, as well. I don’t know, new stuff meets old school,  it’s an old book. I’ve had it since the year 2000. One of the things that Sarah says is nature never repeats herself, and the possibility of one human soul will never be found in another. I also like this quote by  Elizabeth Cady Stanton. It says, “Be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else.”  I don’t know about y’all,but I have a hard time with that sometimes. 

Especially in my business. You see people doing it differently than me, or being really successful. I mean, getting on jets, going on fancy trips, and stuff like that. And I think,  what’s up with me? Why am I not doing that? Well, what’s up with me? That’s not me. It’s not what God designed me to do. It’s not where I am in my life. And It’s comparing myself to others and that never leads to any place I want to be!!!

Comparison is a thief. It is a horrible thief. Don’t even do it. I have caught myself wanting to do it lately. Y’all that’s just silliness. So when I visualize who I want to be, it’s the most authentic version of me, because it’s who God made me to be. 

Let’s affirm our affirmation together!!!

Creative Visualization 

My creative visualization comes before the physical manifestation.

I create it first in my spirit and my mind. 

I see vividly the life I want and I thank God in advance. 

I surround myself with things and people that are authentically me!!

I love things that are authentically and unapologetically me. 

I am an authentic one of a kind puzzle piece that God has designed me to fit in this world for purpose 

and on purpose.

I create my life by the things I think and say and do on a daily basis. 

I create my life by believing in a power greater than me 

who loves me so deeply. 

And so it is. 

It’s on a day-to-day basis. I think we underestimate the power of what we can do in a day. We think about it being this grand amazing thing, but it starts with one little thing. It starts with just doing the next right thing. It starts with just living a life that’s fully you. 

For instance, I’m not a big crowd person.  I enjoyed going to Gulf Coast Jam. I enjoyed being in our booth, especially, and seeing people and loving on people. But when I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough. Then, I have to go home and sit on my back patio and read a book, because that’s me. That’s authentically me. Someone who will sit at a concert and read a book. I know that’s kind of weird but it’s who I am. Books saved me as a young girl.  So, therefore, it’s just what I love to do. It makes me very happy.

I wanna tell you a story, totally unrelated to this, or maybe it’s related? I don’t know. I got up this morning and then I put on a new little outfit. I think I changed my earrings two or three times because, of course, ya gotta have the right earrings!  I remember thinking as I did it. Gosh, I miss Hugh telling me I’m adorable. I really miss it. He used to always say, ” Oh my gosh, you’re so adorable!” And if he didn’t, I said, “honey, you forgot to tell me I’m adorable.” He’d say “oh my goodness. I can’t believe I did that.”  So I think about that and I smile.

He was cremated and after that we had to get the house done after the hurricane. I’m not known to be the most organized human being on the planet. So I lost him. I lost his ashes y’all! For several years, I lost my sweet, precious Hugh’s ashes, and I found them! So I was sitting at the table the other day and I said, “Y’all! l I found Hugh” Then they looked at me like, oh, good for you. That’s great. We didn’t know he was lost.  But, I found Hugh!  His anniversary of his moon man-day,returning back to spirit is on July 27th.  We’re trying to decide whether we release his ashes that day, or do we do it on the full moon around that month? 

So we’ll probably spread his ashes in July. The rest of them in  some important places to him. I know that he would haunt me if I don’t get rid of him because he doesn’t want his ashes laying around the house. He wants them to return to the earth. So we’re gonna do that.  

I  just wanted to tell you that I did lose my husband. The thing that makes me laugh about that is that it’s authentically me. That is absolutely 100% authentically me. And you know that Hugh Smith is laughing about it. He would say, “That is so Karen, she was so scatterbrained and she could not keep up with anything. And,I will not try to change her.” I thought it was adorable. My family thought it was hilarious losing a pair of sunglasses and they said, oh my gosh, mom! And he would say, bless your heart, sweetie. Just go buy another pair.” He never criticized me for the thing that I wasn’t. He just kept lifting me up for the things that I was. The things that I was authentically the person that I am authentically. Not the person that’s trying to copy somebody else. Not the copy, not the person who wants to be a second-rate version of someone else, but a first-rate version of myself.

 I do that every single day by loving God, loving people, praying and meditating, and reading. I want you to do that too. I hope you’ll do that too. If this means something to you, please share it with others. That would make me so very happy. And as usual, you have made my day. Be sweet. 

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