My Time to Encourage. ( My podcast/affirmation in written format just for you, so if it sounds like someone is talking and not writing that is exactly what it is.)

The boxing gym is one of my fave places to get encouragement!!!

My Time To Encourage

I want to talk to you today about my time. Not like you’re thinking. My time to encourage others, my time to celebrate others, and my time to lift other people up. I’d like to share this Bible verse first that I ran across today when I was thinking about doing something about our time to encourage others. It is Hebrews 10:24:25 and it says, 

“Let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another all the more as you see the day approaching, “let us encourage one another all the more as you see the day approaching.”

This reminds me of another story, there was a little kid, let’s call him. Bobby. Bobby wanted to be in the school play really bad. It was about farm animals, but his mom was so concerned about him because Bobby wasn’t really the type of kid to be in a play so she was so worried about it. She said,” oh my gosh, what is gonna happen if he doesn’t make it? What if he doesn’t make it? ” At the end of school, she came to pick up Bobby and he came running towards the car and he’s so excited. So she’s thinking he must have made the play. He must have gotten the part! Bobby said, ” Mom! I’m so excited. Guess what? I got picked to clap and cheer! I get to clap and cheer! That kid was so excited because he knew early on that being chosen to be the one to clap and cheer….. the one to spur others on is probably the most important part ever that we can play on this earth to encourage one another. So that’s what we’re about today. We’re thinking about sometimes it’s not it’s our time, but it is our time to celebrate others. It’s our time to clap for others. It’s our time to be so excited because someone has gotten something wonderful.

I’m watching this company grow right now. There’s a company that came to me a few years ago, the young man came to me and they said, You know what? We really like the way you run your company, and we want to pattern our company after yours. They were unapologetic for that. I thought that was so kind and sweet, it made my heart happy and they’re amazing. Now they are doing some really good things and they’re growing and they’re getting so strong. But, you know that the tendency of us humans is, if someone else is doing well, what does that say about us? Does that mean that we can’t do well too? Or does it mean that we have to compete with them? Does it mean we have to compare ourselves to them? No, it does not. It means that there’s all of us and there are times in our lives when I shine, then there are times in your life when you shine. We all get to shine at different times. The fact that someone is doing well doesn’t mean that I can’t do well, or you can’t do well. It gives you permission to do well. It gives you permission that you can do well, and I have so much fun. When I can find someone that I can celebrate, it makes me feel so good. 

So here is our affirmation today, My Time To Encourage 

God. I’m so thankful for the times I realize it is my time to praise others and to encourage.

My time to celebrate their wins and my time to step back. So others can step up. 

My time to cheer

My time to congratulate 

My time to honor 

Learning to celebrate with and love God’s kids takes my heart to a higher place. 

I am thankful to have the opportunity to love others and to give, because God has set the standard.

Whoever is last will be first. 

I love God’s upside-down economy.

I love it when it is my time to clap and cheer.

And so it is.

I think sometimes that’s just what it is. We’re called to clap and cheer. I’ll tell you another story that made me think of when we went rock climbing in New Jersey. Jack and Diego wanted to rock climb on the last day. I’d never done that before. Y’all know my legs are a little short and my arms a little short to match my short legs. They gave me the honors of scaling the wall first!!!! I really probably should have waited and not gone first, so I could see what other people were doing. But, I went first and I only got probably a fourth of the way up the wall, it was really hard for me to reach. It was really hard for me to put my leg up and I hurt my knee. I kind of gave up really quickly, to be honest with you. I sat down and I took on the role of cheering everybody on. Kate, who is Jack’s stepmother— just ran up that wall. I mean, that girl, she just flew up the wall, and of course, Jack flew up the wall and everybody was just doing so well. I had so much fun. Cheering everybody on. We called Kate spider monkey because she got up that wall so fast. So you know, that wasn’t my time to be cheered for!That was my time to cheer for somebody else. 

Maybe today you find yourself there. Maybe you find yourself today in a place where it’s just not working out really good for you. So guess what? You’ve been chosen to clap and cheer, and that is a worthy thing to do. Y’all that is an amazing thing to do. When it’s your time, somebody else will clap and cheer for you!!

We had our audit yesterday and it went well, so happy that it’s over. Scott handled it like a champ and it was really cool. All my beautiful, precious people at Beachy Beach came together to make it happen. And I’m gonna say one more thing. This is one more thing I wanna say about my people, because they’re just so precious. You just don’t even know how precious they are. So Scotty’s been doing a little bit of this and that in the office. He said, Mom, I love being at your office. I just love being there. Everybody is so kind that it’s just not a normal office. You know what? It’s not a normal office. It’s a place where we love each other and we clap and we cheer for each other, and I’m so thankful. I’m just so thankful for anybody who walks in that door. 

My prayer has always been since we built that building and I walked around and prayed around that building. I said, “God, please, when people walk in, let them feel this energy. This different spirit of love, and when they walk out, let them take that spirit of energy and love them wherever they go. I hope you do that here too. When you join Happy Ass each day, I hope when you leave, you walk out your door with a spirit of love and kindness and giving that you just, can’t even hold in. And why would you want to?

 I love y’all so much. You’re the sweetest, most adorable, amazing human on the planet. I love all my sweet, happy asses. Be sweet.

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