Does your Coach love you?

I was going to title this? Jennifer Burg is mean!!! Or does she really mean it? I think she really means it when she said and she continues to say and to prove that she is going to improve me and make me a better version of me. A much stronger version of me.

The really cool thing is that she has done it so she is uniquely qualified to show me or actually any of you how to do it. This is not an advertisement for anyone but it is a proclamation that if you don’t want to be where you are ,then you MUST find someone who loves you enough to take you somewhere else.

So back to how I know that she loves me?

I am on vacation and spending a few days writing, playing golf, reading, working out and sitting by the pool, eating GREAT food. I am not working much but what I am NOT taking a vacation from is my fitness and my health!!! So Jennifer because she loves me so dearly she sends me a workout called, “Death by 100!!” ( Picture posted above)

I must admit, when she sent it to me, I was a little cocky!!! She told me to start with much lower weights, but I thought that meant other people!!!!!! Oh my, even 5 pounds each arm is heavy when you couple it with 100 reps!!! Lawd have mercy.

For the serious part of this blog post. ANYTIME you do more than you think you can do then you know that you can do more. The impact that doing what you think is beyond you sets you up for many other things that you are put here to do. For me, trusting someone else to help me and LISTEN to them has been the smartest decision I have ever made in my life.

Don’t tell anyone, but I almost started crying in the gym because I was proud of me and the choices I am making. You see, I really love living!!! I want to live big and strong and happy as long as God will have me as a guest on this precious planet. I know that this happens when I make choices that improve my health, physical, mental and emotional.

When I was younger I was not good at asking for help. I was not great at taking care of me. I was not real good at boundaries and all that jazz. The beauty of age is that you learn some big truths!!! You learn that whatever you seek out there is in you!!!! It is all in you and you are the one in charge of bringing it out. The really good news is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

God has placed people in your life who love you and they mean it and they want to be your guide to get you where you wish to be. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!! Don’t be afraid to go two steps forward and two steps back (even that is exercise).

So I think Jennifer Burg really loves me and I really love her. because she is helped me to keep becoming more of the woman that God called me to be!!! One dang rep at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps. I could hardly hold a bottle of water when I was finished!!

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