Bigger on the inside!!!

There was this little boy at a fair and he got a hankering for a big cotton candy. He sauntered up to the window and stood on his toes to make his order to the smiling vendor. The little boy said, “ I will have your biggest cotton candy.”  The vendor smiled wider and said, “that sure is a big ole cotton candy for such a little fellow.”  The little boy without any hesitation said, “Don’t worry, I am bigger on the inside than I am on the outside.”

I have always believed who we are on the inside is far more important than our outsides. And furthermore if my outsides don’t match up with my insides I  will most likely be found out and there will be very little peace in my life. 

This business stuff is not for the fainthearted but for those of us who will give ourselves to it wholeheartedly with a service mindset and a willing spirit, there is no cap on our success..  Success that is built on service to others has a long shelf life and continues to be the best kept success secret on the planet.  

I am thankful that the people I work with know this to be true and exhibit this in how they treat each other and those in our community.  Many of us recently got Ninja certified…. Not the kind that wields a sword and a battle cry.  There are few ninja definitions that scar me a little but the one that this course is built on is worth developing.  

Ninja in this regard is a person who excels in a particular skill or activity and in our case that is in the field of Real Estate.  Frankly anyone can employ Ninja sales techniques and become successful because they are built on a spiritual principle that works EVERY TIME!!!  

Now more than ever our jobs and our careers call us to excellence!!! It calls us to be above the rest in the way we learn, the way we stay consistent and especially in the way we treat others.  It is my belief that we are in business to make life a little brighter, a little sweeter and provide unmatched service to others. To create more value than we are paid for and in doing so we’ll always have an abundance of business opportunities.

One of the core principles in Ninja sales training is the use of gratitude and affirmations. This way of life started for me at a very young age and it has served me well.  The way to become bigger on the inside than the outside is to develop a practice, a way of living that flows into all of your life.

It is my deep prayer and hope that each of you continue to become great at what you do and teach and serve out of the overflow that is your life!!! Thanks so very much for being in mine!!!

I could not love you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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