Starbucks Day 2


I am really getting serious about putting my love notes in a book so it makes me try to go back in my memory and figure out when was this born. When did I start writing them and Why?? I think the why is easier for me than the when because the why has been consistent.

Not sure why God made me this way but I have this welling up of Joy inside of me and it has to find a way out!!! My love letters were a way for it to find release and expression.

I think the when was working at a lighting store and feeling love and wanting to share it with the people I worked with. Thankfully my friend David who was my boss at the time and now oddly enough my business partner now found a few of the old ones.  I would wake up in the morning and feel an overwhelming love for my fellow workers and my life in general and I had to share it.

The thing that is interesting to me is that my life was anything but easy and free of heartache and tragedy.  I was dealing with many family members who were struggling with addiction on top of a failing economy and the failing of our personal finances.  But even still…. I believed that God had given me a life worth celebrating and being grateful for. I learned at a very young age to appreciate the good and be even grateful for the not so good because it made up my amazing happy ass life.

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